Monday, November 01, 2010

[Brisbane] Nudo's on Mary

Nudo's on Mary
62 Mary St
Brisbane CBD

Once in a while, I have cravings for oily fried kway teow (now, that's never gonna happen in my kitchen) and the place that comes to mind is always Nudo's on Mary.

Not that their version is the oiliest that you can find around. I just like eating their kway teow, plain and simple.

Fried kuey tiaw@Nudo's on Mary
Fried kway teow

Prawn noodle@Nudo's on Mary
Prawn noodle soup

Noodles an vermicelli in spicy prawn broth served with prawns, fish cake, boiled egg and roast pork (char siew).

Lobak@Nudo's on Mary

Deep fried pork roll, kind of like spring roll.

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Anonymous said...

Omg you just made me crave good fried kueh teow full of wokhei! Here's just too oily. Yuck. B