Monday, November 01, 2010

[Sydney Jun2010] Mosaic, The Westin Sydney

It was late when we arrived in Sydney. Raining. That went on for the next 3 days we were there.

At Westin, Big King did his checking in at the counter, Princess running around the lobby. "This place is beautiful, mummy," she kept yeling at me as she ran past me everytime -_-". Arrrrggghhhh, we were like a bunch of country bumpkin. I went straight to check out Calleija's window but the place was shut. I walked across to the GPO heritage wing and try to bath in the history. Eh.... no feel.

There were lots of after work crowds drinking at the bar downstairs. Lots of suits walked around the place especially after 5pm.

Mosaic's advertisement was everywhere, posters, flyers (a whole rack of it!) stating exactly the same thing. The restaurant was promoting their 2 courses for $58 and 3 corses for $68 and a sunday brunch at $65 per person.

We decided to give it a go on our last night there.

Mosaic seafood trilogy
Mosaic seafood trilogy

Trilogy is made up of mulloway, mashed beans, potatoes; kingfish with vegetables; and deep-fried yabbies with vegetables.

The fish was well-cooked (kingfish a bit fishy though) and subtly flavoured with clean-tasting consomme style sauce. Vegetables were lightly cooked, nice and fresh. Yabbies were lovely and sweet. I enjoyed this though I can't say they are fantastic or to die-for. It's just well, a nice dinner.

Duck leg & sausages@Mosaic Sydney
Duck leg, sausages & speck, white beans

I had a nibble on the various items on the plate. Let's just say, the plate was too busy. There were way too many different things around (lots of other things in the beans) and the flavours were all over. I can't even remember what I ate and tasted some 2 minutes after tasting.

Fish & chips @Mosaic Sydney
Fish and chips

This is Princess' order from the kid's menu. The serving is huge! It could easily feed two adults!!

However, the fish was cooked to death. Fish was hard and grainy, quite difficult to swallow. The batter and the fries were good and crisp though.

Mosaic trilogy@Mosaic Sydney
Mosaic trilogy

Since this dessert bear the restaurant's name, it's content must be the restaurant's signatures. The trilogy is made up of orange creme brulee, strawberry waffle and lime and white pepper ice-cream.

Creme brulee was nice and smooth, however, the orange flavour was so subtle, it was a little hard to detect. Waffles hard and chewy, strawberries quite tart, very forgettable. Ice-cream texture was good and smooth, lime is tangy and refreshing however, just a tad heavy-handed on the white pepper.

Chocolate  raspberry tart@Mosaic Sydney
Raspberry tartlet

This was the biggest let-down. Tartlet case was extremely hard, there's no hope of even cutting it with a knife. Fillings was just melted chocolate and fresh raspberries with some nut pieces on top. Lucy from Junior masterchef could beat this with her creations anyday. Blah.

Enough with my rantings, I still think it is good value as we went for the $58 for two course selection deal.
Now the duck leg and the raspberry tartlet are no longer on their menu which is a good riddance, I would say.

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Gastronomy Gal said...

Ha ha- good riddance indeed. I think it's so cute that princess was running around!!