Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Singapore July2010] TWG tea

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
ION Shopping Mall
2 Orchard Turn, #02 - 21
Singapore 238801

TWG@ION Orchard

Eng breakfast tea@TWG Sg
We ordered English Breakfast tea and Darjeeling tea. Both were very good. A pot of English Breakfast is SG10.50.

Apple and blackcurrant gateau@TWG Sg
Apple and blackcurrant gateau

Apple mousse with some tea flavoured sponge and a layer of blackcurrant and some tea gelee. We had this in a tea set for SGD17.

I saw a lot of patron being put off by this cake. Their face grimaced when they saw the colour of the cake at the counter/patisserie trolley in the dining section. Some waiter was clueless and told patron it's pistachio mousse.

It was a good choice by me, the apple mousse was tangy and refreshing, soft sponge and well flavoured tea infused blackcurrent gelee.

Those grimaced missed out.

Chocolate fondant@TWG Sg
Chocolate fondant with ice-cream and butterscotch sauce SGD10

This a chocolate fondant? More like a chocolate cake. Very chocolatey, very more-ish.

Macarons@TWG Sg
Tea flavoured macarons @SGD2

These are tasty, flavours are good but I think the shell ought to be lighter.

The waiter who took my order was rude by telling me IMMEDIATELY when I finish my order and put down my menu,"We have a minimum order of a pot of tea each."

Eh hello, I already ordered A POT of English breakfast tea and straightaway tell him,"You HAVE to take this gentleman's order too (eyeing Big King who's still reading the menu), he hasn't even started!!"

Do we look like three paupers? He didn't even apologized. I was so mad, it's the first time I felt offended/mistreated in a dining estabishment. That include hawker/foodcourt/family restaurants/fine dining all over the world I have dined. I should refuse to pay service charge. Ah well, it's hard to be mean.......

And next 2 person table only had ONE POT of TEA on their table. Discriminate much, I feel like drafting my complain letter/e-mail now 哼,等着.

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Anonymous said...

ugh that son of a b*tch! if me I sure get angry and make a fuss. PFFFTT