Friday, November 12, 2010

[Brisbane] God food and wine show 2010

Good food and wine show, a foodie's heaven.

Celebrity theatre@GFWS2010
Celebrity theatre. I got tickets (free) to see Matt Moran and of course, George and Gary. I am so excited!

George's and Gary's shows were extremely popular. I was kind of shocked when there were some audiences who admitted they never watch Masterchef or that much interested in food. I mean hello! what are they doing there?? or at a food and wine show for that matter???!! Oh well, I guess all the free wine-tasting was already well-worth the ticket price. Not to mention free tasting of ice-cream, smoked salmon, ducks, all kinds of delicious dips (I am liking aged balsamic vinegar) and regional produce, all very exciting. A great day out!!

Matt Moran@GFWS2010
Matt Moran was very funny. He made lots of sarcastics jokes (in a good way) about George, Gary, Manu and vegetarians. He gave out a bottle of wine to a vegetarian, reason being,"they best get drunk when they go to a restaurant because there is nothing for them to look forward too." He might have offended some vegetarians along the way but I think he was spot on and I thought his cynical jokes were really humorous.

George chill out@GFWS2010
Matt Moran making some jokes on George. He had the whole theatre roaring.

Jacob's Creek's stand was just outside the celebrity theatre, I had several tastings there, hehehe.

Sunbeam cupcake academy@GFWS2010
There was a celebrity cupcake decorating war and Matt Moran won. I was disappointed Manu's cupcakes didn't look half as good as the man himself!

For a video link, click here.

LG stand@GFWS2010

LG appliances@GFWS2010

cooking school@GFWS2010
Gourmet Garden cooking class.

Outback Spirit@GFWS2010

Bushland produce@GFS2010
I am seriously loving Outback Spirits stuff. They sell chutney's, sauces and jams with an indigenous food theme. My picks are pickled wild lime and green tomatoes chutneys. I tried the jams and they were delicious too.

They are based in Victoria and hadn't really done much show in the past. We are so lucky to have them at the Brisbane expo this year.

Rice cube@GFWS2010
I heard lots of women discussing 'the rice cube guy'. Looker, dish, hot were some of the words used. Personally, I reckon the 'Chilean Food' guy gave him a run for his money. Smokey dark Latino, mmmmm.... Er, I should be talking about food and

Ezi seal@GFWS2010
Only a housewife like me and the pensioners were interested, hahaha. They are doing a fantastic deal and I think this is one of the best household invention in many years.

Careme pastry@GFWS2010

Never-ending queue at Ben & Jerry's stand but it moved quickly.

B&J ice-cream@GFWS2010
Full generous scoop for free!! How generous! I can't say much for Movenpick nearby as they only offer a miserable teeny tiny taste on a teeny tiny spoon and they didn't acknowledge me or offer me a taste when I went to check out the flavours they offer(I was alone in front of their chiller). Later when I pass by again, I saw the Movenpick lady frantically serving a group of LV clad, high hair and expensive scarve draping across body, ladies. And I pass by again (the place is small!), they are serving Birkin clad lady and suit-up gentlemen. Oh man, I shouldn't have left my bubblequilt flap bag with double C logo at home, pffft.

Hypnotiq etc@GFWS2010
Some very serious liquer.......served neat on the rock in tasting cup, wowowo....I knocked back a tiny sip and was light headed instantly. I think the alcohol content was some 46%. I am not used to such strong alcohol, I should carefully check on the bottle before knocking back, er I mean, tasting the stuff on offer.

Wild Oats@GFWS2010

Granite Belt@GFWS2010
Granite Belt, I have heard so much about it but when I went to try some relish and wine, I .......

GFWS loot
I had tasted so much wine till I can't really remember which is which but there were some which stood out like the Finnish vodka, some strawberry wines I couldn't remember the name and Jacob's Creeks 2010 moscato both blanc and rose. They are so good, I did three tastings before I decided to bring them home.

I only concentrated on tasting sparkling wines and liquer at the show (sigh, there is only so much I can drink because I had to drive and I had a Nespresso to 'sober-up' before heading home kakaka). JC's 2010 moscato were only released two weeks ago, how lucky are we!! I got a free Pete Evan's cookbook for getting the moscato for only $30!

Mayfiels chocolates also had a stand and the chocolates were only $1.60 each! There were lots more stuff I wanted to buy but I was running out of time. I had so much food tasting that I had to forego lunch. What a pity. The exhibitors were really generous with the tasting portion except, you know who.

Nespresso was doing such a good deal at the show, selling Le Cube with the aeroccino for only $299!! Including the rrp$4xx bronze patina model! However, I had a taste of their coffee and wasn't too impressed, I was sooo close to bringing home one. Oh well.

The other exciting exhibitor was Thermomix, as seen on Masterchef and Iron Chef (Australia) but they retail for $1939.............

I am so there GFWS 2011!


cusinera said...

Wish I did went that friday....I've tried that inviting blue hue liqueur HPNOTIQ last saturday and totally agree with "lala" effect from a small tasting cup! I love Ben and Jerry's sample cups too=) Next year, I know now the steps to take...once in get the free tickets for the celebrity theatre before going around the stalls.

Rabbit Sim said...

Oh cusinera, you have to visit the celebrity theatre, all of them this year except Janella (I don't know her nor did I went to her show) have a wicked sense of humour and boy they can really cook. And you could win some freebies along the way too!