Wednesday, December 01, 2010

[Brisbane] Fishmonger's Wife

The Fishmonger's Wife
6/86 Lytton Road
East Brisbane QLD 4170
(07) 3891 6464
12pm to 8pm Sunday to Thursday
12pm to 8:30pm Friday and Saturday

Fishmonger's Wife

Fisherman's basket
Crumbed seafood basket AUD17.90

You get 4 whiting, 3 calamari, 2 prawns, chips, lemon and tartare sauce. Add AUD0.50 for beer battered chips.

Battered snapper & beer battered fries
Battered king snapper (AUD13.95) with beer battered chips (AUD4.25)

If I see snapper or red emperor on the menu, I looked no further. The batter was deliciously crunchy but the fish inside was even better. Soft buttery smooth and melt in the mouth flesh, the cooking time was spot time, few seconds more, the fish will be overcooked and few seconds less the thicker part will not be cooked through.

Beer battered chips are equally good, none of the soggy chips you expect from regular fish & chips shop. Crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. They were still a little crunchy when cold, amazing.

Salt & pepper calamari
Salt, pepper & garlic calamari AUD12.90

Cooked to perfection and nicely seasoned.

Calamari & chips
Kid's pack - 3 calamari and chips AUD5.95

Potao scallops
Potato scallop @AUD0.95

Perhaps my favourite item from the shop. I have a soft spot for potato scallop.

The Fishmonger's Wife actually stopped by and asked me of my opinion on the food.

To be honest everything was soooo good, I refrained myself from saying too much (but has since updated with some comments, I do think people really want to know). If you read food directory sites or past reviews done, lots of angry voices from other states for the fact that The Fishmonger's Wife has won the coveted much-deserved Best fish & chips in Australia.

Now I haven't been to ALL fish & chips places in Australia so I don't want to form an opinion on that lest I start a war.

This place has become our family's regular fish & chip haunt and we don't even live in the vicinity. That says a lot when the other 2 members of my family are not even seafood eater.

You know, gotta try it to believe it.


Steve Finnell said...

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The Fishmongers Wife said...

Hi Rabbit! Great photos of our food, but no comments, didya enjoy your feed??
The Fishmongers Wife

cusinera said...

I have to try this shop...keep on passing by this area everytime we go to the valley=) Thanks for the wonderful review...