Friday, September 24, 2010

[Brisbane] Shangpaign Shanghainese Cuisine

Shangpaign Kitchen
Centro Pinelands

Pinelands Road
Sunnybank Hills
Qld 4109

Shangpayne@Sunnybank Hills
There are not many Shanghainese restaurants in Brisbane, I can only think of three other on top of my head.

The newcomer to the scene is Shangpaign which in my opinion serves the best xiaolongbao (steamed minced pork dumplings) in Brisbane and kick-arse soup filled pan-fried buns.

Gluten salad
Braised gluten 四喜烤麸

A classic Shanghainese cold dish consisting of gluten, peanuts, black fungus and shiitake mushroom. Salty and sweet with a hint of star anise.

Cold salted duck@Shangpayne
Salted duck

Another cold dish, duck is nicely seasoned.

Xiaolongbao (steamed minced pork dumplings)

Ver tasty morsels of soup filled dumplings with thin and resilient skin. A must order.

Pan-fried buns@Shangpayne
Pan-fried pork buns

These are absolutely delicious! My personal top pick. Soft buns with crispy bottom filled with soupy minced pork filling (probably the same as the xiaolongbao's.) Heaven!

Yam & ribs@Shangpayne
Yam and pork ribs in earthen? pot

Yam is hard and not cooked enough but ribs are soft and fell apart without much prying. Finger licking good, hmmm.

Garlic chicken@Shangpayne
Garlic chicken

Deep-fried chicken pieces tossed in crispy seasoned garlic. The chicken pieces were mostly bones and the garlic is too salty. Presentation is good though.

Sweet and sour fish@Shangpayne
Sweet and sour fish 衳鼠黃魚

Umm, the chef really should brush up their knife skill *cough* ahemmmm. Lacklustre and forgettable.

The restaurant itself is pretty tiny with 10 tables or so amd can get pretty busy. But turnover is quick and especially if you are a fan of xiaolongbao, it's definitely worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

wa toh why eat so many. only the three of u? -bb

Gastronomy Gal said...

those soup filled dumplings do look amazing!

Rabbit Sim said...

BB-two meals toh :^D

Gastronomy Gal-Sometimes those dumplings come overcooked :-(