Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Brisbane] Cafe Latino

Don Churro/Cafe Latino
Shop 1 / 973 Logan Road
Holland Park

UPDATE 12/3/2011
I went down to Holland Park local shops just now and found Don Churros had been replaced by Greedy Monkey Cafe. They are offering coffee for only $1 a cup.

The signage says Cafe Latino but the website says Don Churro. I don't know which is which. No matter.

Cafe Latino 1

Cafe Latino 2
Cheese empanada $6

Despite the picture showing a side serve of salsa. I only got a lone empanada. My guess is the salsa is extra $$. Fried to death, so much so that the cheese inside had split and the dough was rock hard. For that kind of price, you expect much much more.

It didn't help I had to wait friggin 25 minutes!! for a deep fried piece of dough with sad split cheese filling. There was only one customer waiting for his coffee and churros before me.

Princess took one look at the inside of this thing and said,'it's ok mommy, I am not hungry, you can have it all.'

Yes, the girl has skill :-(. Grrrrrr.

Cafe Latino 3
This patron came in some 10 minutes after me and got his order BEFORE me.

Geram. I had to ask twice about my order. First time one server said, 'oh', walked back to the kitchen and never be seen again. Second time, another server didn't even answer me and walked back into the kitchen. I think my order was forgotten, just like the empanada was left in the fryer too long, forgotten too. Answer girl, I need some answers. Maybe she didn't speak English, only Latino. Heh.

Churros@Cafe Latino
Princess refused to eat the churros and the chocolate sauce. Normally we'd fight for every single bite.

She said,'this is NOT chocolate sauce,' and made a face at me while throwing the hard oil-soaked churro back into the bag. Hey, the kid is happy even with cadbury, she's isn't picky normally.

I tried to eat two sticks of churros with a glum face before finally giving up. It was to be Big King's dessert that night. Hohoho.

I am sure there are fans out there. Just not suiting our palate. We still like the churros at Eumundi market and QVM best.

Hasta la vista. Not.

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Gastronomy Gal said...

sounds like a shitty experience. Can't believe princess didn't even eat the churros