Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[Brisbane] Piefection

1373 Logan Road,
Mt. Gravatt Central
Qld 4122

Website: http://www.piefection.com.au/

Piefection@Mt Gravatt


Piefection pies
From the top, chicken and vegetables $4.80, lamb and rosemary $4.95 and JD BBQ pork rib pie $4.95.

The family's favourite has got to be the JD bbq pork rib pie. Punchy sauce and tender meat, it' a winner!

Chicken and vegetable pie did not work for us because bell pepper of any sort is an unwelcome vegetable in this household. But flavour is good and all the pies are chock full of fillings.

But the least favourite has to be the lamb and rosemary pie. We find the meat dry and the sauce tasted a bit bitter and dry (? can I say it this way cos that's how it felt) probably from rapid reduction taken further than ideal.

All in all, we still find the pies are nicer than others we have tried before. The pie crust is nice and light and filling is generous.

You can opt to have mushy peas and mashed potato to go with your pies to make a more filling meal.


Gastronomy Gal said...

hmm I like finding a good pie place! Pity about the lamb and rosemary, it looked like it could have been promising.

Anonymous said...

I have eaten here several times and I love it. I have to disagree about the Lamb and Rosemary...it was tender and juicy and packed full of meat as opposed to being too saucy and soggy.
They have fantastic coffee too, and I noticed some pretty spectacular desserts last time I was there. You can see the specials on Facebook too...my fave pies in Brissie!