Monday, June 20, 2011

[Holiday] Byron Bay Farmers Market

Mention Byron Bay and it conjures up images of surf and stretches of beaches.

But for a foodie, the MUST visit places is often the local delis and farmers markets.

So when we went for a day out in Byron Bay, our first stop has to be the farmers market at Butler Street Reserve (every Thursday and Saturday) which is close to town.

If you are used to Jan Powerhouse and Westend markets, Byron Bay market might disappoint you as this is on a much smaller scale with some repeat produce/goods/merchandise stalls.

However look closely and you will find some gems.

Byron Bay farmers market1

Byron Bay Farmers Market2

Byron Bay Farmers Market3

Byron Bay Farmers Market5
The fresh kind of fruit sticks/roll-ups. And available in ice-blocks.

Byron Bay Farmers Market4
Organic brown rice stall.
Now this is the kind of stall I am excited to see at any farmers market. Specialist produce/product and not some boxes of stuff you pick up a the local wholesale market and then resell at another market.

Quiche & gateau at Santai

I also picked up some baked goodies from the pastry stall. A humongous raspberry and white chocolate muffin . Chock full of raspberry puree/preserve in the middle and generously dotted with white chocolate chunks, however, texture was dry. I choked on first bite (too dry, stuck to the back of the throat and refused to budge for quite sometime, nightmare!) and refused to go back for second. Princess ate majority of the white choc chip and turn up her nose at the rather tart raspberry puree.

But the quiche I also got was a different story. Well made thin and flaky crust with tasty savoury custard and nicely seasoned roasted vegetables. The quiche is a winner.

After doing a round at the market, we walked around the town centre for a bit. To be honest, the place look no different than Gold Coast. So if you are used to Noosa's atmosphere, you won't like much of what you will see here.

We saw a French (looking) patisserie shop with a equally French sounding store name, L'Ultime at 5 Lawson St and decided to takeaway a chocolate theme gateau. Hmm, lets just say if you live in Brisbane and regularly visit Le Bon Choix or Chouquette, you might want to give this place a miss. I don't mean its all bad but when you are on a holiday, you want to make sure you eat the best local food and sadly L'Ultime is not up there.

And our lunch choice at a local upmarket fish and chip shop did not fare any better...........

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Dacey said...

Byron bay farmers market seems to be good market and sine there are variety of food available.This is a good market for foodie people.So if you are visiting Byron bay don't forget to go farmer's market