Wednesday, June 01, 2011

[risbane] Burger Urge, New Farm

Burger Urge
542 Brunswick Street
New Farm QLD 4005
(07) 3254 1655

I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about Burger Urge, it's like a Brisbane institution. It was there long before Grill'd came along and still happening.

lamb burger@Burger Urge
Zorba the Greek lamb burger with sweet potato fries

Ground lamb patty topped with onion jam,haloumi cheese, whole egg mayo and pesto on a bed of cos lettuse and tomato. This is a monstrous thing for me to tackle. You'll need the size of Mt Everest mouth to successfully have a bite of every ingredient. I ate my burger with knife and fork for the first time.

The burger is very good, I especially like the squeakiness of haloumi cheese contrasting against the minced texture of patty and crispiness of salad, very interesting marriage of good flavours.

Chicken burger@Burger Urge
ABC chicken burge with potato fries

Marinated chicken breast, crispy bacon, avocado top with egg mayo on a bed of cos lettuce and tomato. Chicken breast is well cooked, still tender but I reckon the star of this burger is the crispy and smoky bacon which pull everything together. It's delicious heaven everytime you bite into the burger with a crunch and then the salty, smoky bacon hit the palate. Mmmmm.

Burger Urge@New Farm

Al-fresco seating available out the shop-front, however you'll have to eat and endure every pedestrian's stare...

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