Saturday, December 10, 2005

3.15 pm Afternoon Tea

Steamed pandan cupcake and Giotto chocolate

The Cantonese regards 3.15 as golden afternoon tea hour. I suppose this practice will die out soon as more and more people nowadays tend to have late lunch.

Here in England because of the nature of my job (dateline to be met for every job) I hardly have a proper lunch hour unless I go back to the office. Even then it's always 'grab a sandwich, go back, eat and work at the same time'. I always bring lunch so I never go out unless colleagues insist I accompany them.

Ever since I stopped working to care for my Princess, afternoon tea has become my luxurious 'mine-only' hour. As I am still eating at irregular hours, it's not everyday I get to enjoy this luxury. But I try to have one whenever Big King is home during the day.

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