Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sweet and Sour Delight and Korean Pancake

Sweet and sour homemade fish balls and pork

Korean Pancake
Korean pancake with Choy Sum, beansprouts, shiitake and spring onion

I have also made the pancake with squid, also very tasty. You can put whatever you fancy like kimchi, seafood, etc. I find it tasted very much like our prawn fritters in Brunei. It's so easy to make using the pancake pre-mixed and 0% failing rate and cheap too making this at home.

Pancake pre-mix

Squid version - photo taken by Big King, STAY AWAY FROM MY CAMERA AND DISH, you hear??

Waffle dipped in chocolate with marshmallow sandwiched inside - bought from the German Christmas market. 50p each, expensive but tasted cheap. I can hardly taste the dark chocolate and the waffle has lost crispiness due to long time being exposed in open air.

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