Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Warmer - Spare Rib and Walnut Soup

Winter is here, soup is good to nourish and warm me up. I have seen this soup in a cookery programme so decided to try it. Walnut is said to be good for the eyes and aid in brain development and not to mention good for the skin.
I was pretty excited when I put the ingredients into the slow cooker. But, 3 hours later, when I open the lid I was shocked to be faced with a pot of black soup @_@
Luckily the taste was alright but it still puzzled me why the soup has turned black!
4 strips spare ribs
handful of walnut (deshell, of course)
small piece of Chinese Jin Hua ham (I cannot find here, substituted with normal ham)
Put everything into a slow cooker and pour enough water and cook for 3 hours. Season with a little salt and rock sugar to taste.

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