Thursday, July 05, 2007

[Brisbane] Cafe Mi

Cafe Mi Sunnybank
Sunnybank Plaza
Mains Rd
Tel: 07-3219 6288
10:30am - 10:00pm

Mi cafe interior
Photos taken with Nokia E65

A Hong Kong style cafe famed for it's barbeque pork. I have tar-powed the char-siew twice and I can vouch it's quite good, albeit without the beautiful marbling but the meat is still moist.

We had initially wanted to have dim-sum, oh, I was craving for salt and pepper squid. We got number 60+, while the number being called out were 40+. would be a long wait, maybe 45 minutes. We left and went inside the plaza for food. We settled on Mi as the turnover was quick. Within couple of minutes we were seated.

Big King ordered the 'Golden Rice' (A$10.80); deep-fried pork cutlet with fried rice topped with fried egg. The rice is cold and the pork cutlet is dry, obviously over-fried. But taste is ok.

I ordered '5 Treasures Rice Noodle in Fish Stock' (A$9.80). 5 treasures were fish beancurd, fishball, fish springroll, cuttlefish ball and lobster ball. The so-called treasures could be bought frozen fromChinese supermarkets. Well, what do I expect from a cha-chan-teng when instant noodles were on it's menu. To make-up for the frozen ingredients used, soup stock is actually tasty.

I spied a covered tray laden with egg-tarts near the entrance and they were going for A$3.50 for two. Ah, why not, it's Princess' favourite. She was so eager to put it in her mouth, shouting she wanted tan-tart and fingers pointing vehemently while we peruse the menu. After I cannot tahan and shove some into her mouth, she diam-diam finally. When I tried to feed her some again, she said, 'mai bah, chin tee bah (no, very sweet)'.

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