Friday, July 13, 2007

[Brunei] RMS Diner

I've been downunder for a little over a month and I still haven't finish the Brunei post. Just this and one more....

RMS Diner

For starter, we shared a salt and pepper calamari served with tartare sauce. I have a thing for salt and pepper squid/calamari/tentacles. I've just got to order it soon as I learn it's on the menu. Lovely tartare sauce with lots of bite. Calamari was a tad overcooked but we quickly cleaned the plate. I was hungry!

For mains, Big King had spicy cajun chicken strips with fries on the side. I had to have the burger, for B$5.00, it's too good to pass eventhough I don't normally eat beef. Love everything in the plate, the soft toasted bun, the coleslaw, the caramelised onion, the salad leaves in the burger. Everything was super fresh. But I've got to say Swensen's burger patty still rule in my book.

Dessert was fresh mango crepe served with vanilla ice-cream in a pool of mango sauce. Crepe is too thick but the mango serving was generous.

I enjoyed the food so much so that I returned with sis and a friend within a week!

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Everything4sweets said...

hmmm, you make me so hungry, the picture look so dilicious :)