Tuesday, July 03, 2007

[Brunei] Emperor's Court

Where: Hua Ho Mall at Jalan Muara, 3rd floor

Emperor's Court CC b'day

We celebrated Chloe's second birthday with a dinner with family at Emperor's Court.

We had mixed hot and cold platter (lusted after the shark's fin scrambled egg), fried chicken in ginger sauce (for the fussy niece), claypot beancurd with seafood (crowd pleaser except the niece of course), braised lamb shanks with buns (restaurant's specialty) and spinach cooked in broth with salted egg yolk, century egg and fried ikan bilis (I love this dish! No photo, lost).

We finished with honeydew sago pudding blended with vanilla ice-cream and a beautiful Torte de Mama (chocolate custard sandwiched in between chocolate hazelnut sponge) from Sheraton.
Nothing except the shark's fin had pleased the guests with the served cake only half eaten and left ever so lonely on the plate. Mind, the cake is delicious and cost a bomb. I was secretly pleased that I had cut each a small piece and tar-powed the rest for my sisters and brother. It was gone within a day.

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