Monday, July 07, 2008

[Brisbane] A dough, limitless creations

Polish Bakery, Arundel

Pumpkin bread by Polish Bakery
Pumpkin bread from my favourite Polish Bakery A$5.50

The yellow hue is not from colouring but from pumpkin slowly roasted in oven.

Almond croissant
Almond croissant A$3.50

This thing is huge!! Generously filled with custard (proper one not from powder) and topped with flaked almonds.

Brewbakers, Clayfield

Chco chip bagel by Brewbakers
Chocolate chip bagel

I can't remember the price, it's either A$1.50 or A$2.50 each.

Dense and extremely chewy. Their bagels actually reminded me of the bread at Flour Power in Highgate Hill. They just share the same texture. Weird.

Parmesan Bagel by Brewbakers
Parmesan bagel

We also got brioche bread for A$3.50 which is a steal. It's far better than the bagels. Go for the brioche.

Flour Power, Highgate Hill

Rye sourdough by Flour Power
Rye sourdough

I think it was A$5.50 per loaf. Not the kind of sourdough I like. The crust is extremely hard with the dough very chewy and dense. My ideal sourdough bread should be springy with nice airy pockets with a little chew.

Uncle Bob's Bakery, Belmont

Uncle Bob's Bakery

Vienna Roll by Uncle Bob
Vienna roll aka tiger roll


Chco Croissant by Uncl Bob

Chocolate croissant


But what really brought me to Uncle Bob's if the offerings I felt were average?

It's those country sourdough bread (not pictured).

They are one of the best I have tasted in Brisbane. Go on, it's worth the drive.


ladyironchef said...

the almond croissant is really huge! but at A$3.50, isn't is somewhere like 5 bucks or so SGD? Thats kind of expensive?

Rabbit Sim said...

Hi, ladyironchef

Standard of living in Australia is quite high. A plate of nasi lemak cost at least AUD9 here is Brissie. A loaf of white bread in supermarket cost about AUD3.50.

Lara said...

Hi Rabbit Sim!

I found your blog from your comment on the poison doughnut. It's always exciting to find more Brisbane food blogs!

I believe Uncle Bob's is a chain, so perhaps you don't have to drive all the way to Belmont to get the bread you like? Unless of course it's just the name, and the bread at each store is completely different! (Oh - I just looked it up in the White Pages - there are other stores in Redland Bay and Thornlands, so that may be even further to drive!) :-/

I'm keen to try the bagels you mentioned, just to see what they're like...

Are you from Singapore (or Malaysia?)? I'd love any tips on where to find Singaporean food here. There are a few places around, but as you'd probably know, the prices are quite a bit higher here! :(

Rabbit Sim said...

Hi welcome Lara,
Uncle Bob Belmont is the closest branch to me.
I am from Brunei. Our food is similar if not the same as Singaporean/Malaysian food.

Hmm, a good place to start is Little Singapore and Malaya Corner in Sunnybank's Market Square. Their prices are similar and in fact all Singaporean/Malaysian eateries share similar pricings.

There's also Nudo's on Mary (Mary St CBD) and
Little Penang in Chinatown, both places I haven't been.

From Pinky's blog, there's also a Singaporean Restaurant in Milton. And I keep seeing someone eating spare rib claypot noodles there. Must try sometime.

Lara said...

Thanks for your reply! I've been to the ones at Market Square, and I've been meaning to try Nudo's on Mary for a while now.

There's also Barang at Indooroopilly, which I haven't tried yet either...

Lara said...

Thought you might like to know that I just had a take away lunch from Nudo's on Mary. I got the Roti Canai with beef curry. It was really very delicious but totally swimming in fat! The curry sauce had a really nice flavour, but it wasn't spicy (I'm not sure if it's meant to be?).

I might try something less fatty next time...

Rabbit Sim said...

Eewww, swimming in fat! >.<
Our curries are meant to be spicy and heavy with coconut milk, but perhaps they tone it down to suit the local palette.

My benchmark for a good Malaysian/Chinese restaurant is the char kway teow. I think Malaya Corner's got the best wok hei (wok breath) and chock full of ingredients, value for money, by Australia standard.
Do you have a blog, I would like to read your food adventures too!

Lara said...

Yeah, I would say there was about 0.5cm of oil on top of the curry. :-/ I tried to remove most of it. It was certainly heavy with coconut milk - yay, more fat! It was really tasty though! :D

I had the roti prata at Little Singapore before, and it was spicy, so I was expecting yesterday's to be too. But as Nudo's is in the city, I wouldn't be surprised if the chili was toned down for workers getting take aways for lunch.

Thanks for your recommendations - I'll let you know when I try them. :)

I don't have a blog (yet?) but I've been leaving comments on a lot of the Brisbane food blogs I've found recently - so they're all hearing about my adventures whether they like it or not! :D