Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[Brisbane] Nougat-ed out

My friend has requested me to buy nougat for her.

'Hard, crunchy type in individual packaging,' she said.

Holy moly, I haven't seen them anywhere. I searched high and low from supermarkets to discount shops to delis. Nada, only saw soft and chewy ones sold in bars. I almost got them online but stopped when I saw the hefty $10 shipping costs.

Then I thought I would try those Chinese 'duty-free' shops in Sunnybank.

Bingo, there they were. Packets after packets of Golden Boronia Original Crunchy Nougat. No.1 in Australia, it says on its packaging. Really, I suaku mountain tortoise never know. Aiyo, who ever shops at 'duty-free' shop, I am not a tourist!

GB crunchy nougat
Dang dang in all its glory

Price: 1kg/AUD25, 500g/AUD14, 250/AUD8

Bliss nougat
On my quest to search for nougat, I came across Bliss 'naked' (cut, unpackaged) nougat at Fresh on Carina and asked to take away 2, 1 original and 1 chocolate flavour.

But my jaw dropped when I heard the price. It's AUD2 each. WT# for an 1 inx1 in little little cube??!!

Anyways, I was desperate so I brought them home.

To be fair, they are quite nice. Not too sweet with a hint of almond essence and packed with macademia and almond. But at AUD2, thank you very much and hope we never see each other again.

I am so glad I found Golden Boronia! I like cappucino crunchy! I am so fighting my bro over them, heh.


jon said...

hey,thank alot for the mention of place that selling nougat! im already looking for it about 1 week! haha! by the way, are u malaysian?

jon said...

hey, can i have the address of the shop which selling nougat please?

WK said...

I would like to thank you for mentioning that sunnybanks has Golden Boronia nougats in Brisbane, I have been searching them everytime I went to Coles, Woolworths and other sweets shops. By the way do you still remember the name of the duty free shop in sunnybanks? it will save me the trouble for going to every duty free shop there :)

fiefa mohd ali said...

hi..can you give detail address in sunnybanks?i'm desperate to find this nougat!