Sunday, July 20, 2008

[Brisbane] Oishii Sushi Bar

Oishii Sushi Bar
shop2/70 Pinelands Rd
Sunnybank Hills

Oiishi Sushi Bar

Agedashi tofu
Agedashi tofu


I tasted before feeding Princess. Put spoon in my mouth. Stopped dead in my track.


Chicken with omelette roll
Spider roll

Chicken katsu sushi wrapped in omelette.

Tasted nice but hate those salty yellow bits.

Dragon roll
Dragon roll

As you can tell from the picture, unagi (eel) topped sushi roll. Can't remember the fillings. Orz...

Didn't jot down individual price. Total bill around AUD4x.xx.

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bibi said...

wow... UNAGI! looks very good n tasty but i;m fat now! :(