Friday, March 03, 2006

Singapore Trip January 2006 - Tonkichi

Both Big King and I are big fan of katsu. I have read rave reviews about Tonkichi. Time to try it out myself :p

Visited the outlet in Ngee Ann city for lunch. The restaurant was dimly lit and staffed with middle-aged obasans....

Fillet and tenderloin set

Big King had fillet and tenderloin set while I opted for fillet, korokke and kaki (oyster) furai set. I enjoyed the oyster the most, plump and juicy. The rest of katsu were just average. While the meat katsu were tender as expected, they were not juicy. Win some, lose some....... Both the set meal were above S$20, I wouldn't say they are value for money as that kind of standard is easily replicated at home....There are better dining choices at Ngee Ann city...........

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

A fairly new eatery in Ngee Ann city. Went to check it out with my cousin. Menu is complicated...about 10 pages...ranging from dim sum, appetizers, a la carte, noodles, one-plated meal to desserts........phew. Took me 15 minutes just to glance through. No pictures taken as I had not bring my camera.

Ordered fried noodles with crispy eel (mine), fried rice noodles with beef (cousin) and tofu in crab roe (came in individual portion bowl).

The noodles came in fairly big oblong plate and looked like a big portion. Both noodles were quite tasty and the beef tender but the eel was soft but not mushy, nevertheless still tasty. We polished off everything on the plate. Tofu was delicious and the taste enhanced with the addition of vinegar.

Tar-powed (takeaway) one tan-tan noodles (noodles in spicy sesame sauce)for Big King who was suffering in the hotel looking after the howling Princess.... Big King proclaimed the noodles were delicious, I had one mouthful but it was so spicy I couldn't taste of anything :p

Will definitely visit again!

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