Monday, March 13, 2006

What I ate in Brunei January 2006 - Snacks

Pudding milk tea
Pudding milk tea

Big blop of mango pudding in milk tea, value for money at B$2.50 for a big cup the length of my lower arm.

Kyros Kebab
Kyros' chicken doner kebab in Middle Eastern bread

A chain kebab house originated from Malaysia. Simply delicious? I've had better in England........

Fun Bread
Assorted bread from Fun Bread at The Mall in Gadong

Bread is not simply bread in Asia. We like to incorporate different flavours into our bread. Famous Asian bread include polo bun, buttermilk bun, tuna bun. Fun Bread sells all kinds of quirky flavours like polo chicken char siew bun, spicy shrimp sambal bun, oreo bun and Big King's favourite spicy floss bun and so on.

kuih malaya1
Kuih Malaya

Pancake filled with crushed peanut, raisins, sugar and condense milk. A childhood favourite. The pancake is cooked in a cast iron skillet which enhances its flavour. Anything cook in cast iron tastes good!

kuih malaya2
Sorry for the blur pic, taken with a cellphone.

Kit Kat Strawberry)
Strawberry KitKat from Japan

Chocolate wafers encased in white chocolate flavoured with freeze dried strawberries. Taste good as the flavours are quite intense. Pretty expensive at B$2.60 a pop. I got it from Hua Ho Mall in Jalan Muara. Go check it out, it's worth once in a lifetime taste, strawberries from Japan is not famous and expensive for no reason. Yum!

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