Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Alex Goh's Coffee Cheesecake

Fantastic Cheesecake by Alex Goh, a great read for all cheesecake lovers!

I've tried several recipes, all are good. Big King said this one is good enough to sell! :D

Please e-mail me for recipe as I do not want to infringe the copyright. Click on 'View my complete profile' on the sidebar and click on 'contact me'.


Anonymous said...

This looks awesome, care to share recipe?

Rabbit Sim said...

To anonymous above, please e-mail me for recipe. Not wanting to infringe the copyright so I am not publishing the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rabbit,

Cau u email me the recipe? Tq

email add: celiabj1101@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Hey, Can you email me the recipe?! I am living in the US, not sure if I can find that cookbook or not. Maybe next trip home have to look for it!! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

love to have the recipe please email me :- lingling_335577@yahoo.co.nz

Anonymous said...

Hi rabbit can you email me the recipe... Thank you!