Friday, June 09, 2006

High Tea at Betty's Harrogate

Betty's Cafe

Determine to enjoy a traditional English high tea for the last time before we left for good, we found ourselves in Betty's early April 2006. Betty's, a famous British institution for fine tea, coffee and pastries, is very popular with both locals and tourists.

Betty's Harrogate
Shopfront at historic Harrogate

We arrived a little after 2pm, there were only 2 parties waiting. Ten minutes later we were seated in a rather nice booth area. Princess were presented with not one but two TOLO toys which only kept her interested for 5 minutes :(

Princess at Betty's

I had, naturally, the high tea set for one GBP12.50

Betty's High Tea set for one
The scone was delicious! I mop it up with ALL the clotted cream!

Which came with full silver (plated?) tea service.

Tea service

Big King ordered Chicken wrapped in ham with rosti (a carnivore through and through)

Chicken with rosti

The ham was so salty but balanced with the unseasoned (read:tasteless) chicken. Rosti is nice and crispy. Salad tasted a bit weird, I guess it was pre-made in bulk and just dish out onto plates for every order. Ewwww, I don't like..........I can't remember what the sauce taste like. All in all, a rather disappointing dish.

The sister company, Taylors of Harrogate, stocks some rare single estate coffee, which some had made their way into Betty's menu. Yemeni Mocha Ismaili stood out like pop-up art cos I've never even heard of it (sakai, sakai). It came in a cafetierre, which I am not keen on.


The coffee has an exotic taste, kind of acidic but will not linger long. I've never been a fan of acidic coffee like Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain leaves an acidic aftertaste which is unpleasant to me which of course other people appreciate how the perfume 'lingers' in your mouth after a sip. No no to me, I don't like lingering taste. Drinking this Yemenic coffee reminded me of drinking wine, it has a somehow liquor feel to it, very special.

A nice British experince but I must say there are other better choices with the same amount of dosh.

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