Friday, June 09, 2006

Tong Palace, Leeds

I spied this newly opened restaurant one weekend in April 2006 and made mental note to visit soon. It occupied the exact same spot which was previously Jade Garden which served awful food in my opinion so no prize for guessing why it closed it's doors.

One sunday, after our park rendezvous, I was in no mood to cook. So we made our way to the very posh Red Chilli for some northern Beijing nosh. There was a queue and not wanting to wait, we left. No further luck at the nearby Nando's (oh, don't the chicken smell good!). Fate brought us to Tong Palace, the restaurant was near empty. Oh oh, not a good sign. But 即來之,則安之.

Tong Palace dinner
I ordered roast meat platter, salted vegetable fish and belacan kangkong.

Roast meat platter included roast duck, char-siew and soy sauce chicken. Roast duck was surprisingly passable. Nice tender meat with cripy skin albeit a little fatty. Char siew was too salty. Chicken was of average standard.

I haven't had kangkong in such a long time. This version was ok but the squid was overcooked hence rubbery.

The favourite of the day was this deep-fried whole bass cooked in salted vegetable gravy. Seasong was subtle and the fish was juicy and soft.

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