Sunday, September 04, 2005

Big King's Birthday Lunch - Chinese Savoury Cake

Perhaps this is unique to the Hokkien people as I haven't seen it anywhere else.........We have two types of new year cakes, one sweet, one savoury, I always look forward to eating the pan fried savoury cakes on the first day of Chinese Lunar calendar for breakfast.
Ingredients used include chinese sausages, shitake mushroom, pork, dried shrimp and shallots.

The cake is first steamed then pan fried or cut into cubes and stir fry.

This is how Big King's mother prepares the cake.

1. Arrange thin slices of cake on a pan.

2. Brown both sides and stir in a beaten egg.

3. Flip over when cake is set.

4. Transfer onto serving plate, I like to eat it smothered with Maggi sweet chilli sauce.

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