Saturday, September 24, 2005

My 2005 Birthday Meal


Vegetable curry on garlic bread

I made garlic bread from the Pain Normandy I bought from Dumouchel. Cooked onion, carrot and potatoes Japanese curry (from instant S&B curry cubes) and spread it on garlic bread.

Possibly the best bread I've ever tasted! It's made from flour from Normandy (which Dumouchel has to ask permission from local authorities to 'export' it out of the region). Sourdough starter was used instead of yeast and the loaf really benefit from the slow proving process. The end result was simply stunning, bread is chewy, springy yet soft. I'll never be able to replicate this at home in a million years! At £2 per loaf, it ain't cheap...........


1/2 duck and 1/2 chicken, £14.50

This was bought from a restaurant called 'Lucky Dragon' in Leeds chinatown. It's also the only place which serves decent dim sum fare in town but cannot compare to my all time fave - Glamorous.

Their version of roast duck and yau kai are simply divine, I have to admit they are far superior to Glamorous version after having tasted both. Glamorous called their roast duck 'The Ultimate Roast Duck', I guess that makes Lucky Dragon's duck 'Beyond Ultimate Roast Duck', hehe.

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