Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dutch Croquette

This is simply delicious

It's very similar to the Japanese Milk Korroke with a soft centre and crunchy skin.

I have taken photos of cut-open croquette but they came out blur, nevermind, this recipe is highly recommended, try it and taste for yourself!

The recipe is adpted from Bronwyn Shearer.

375 grams cooked meat (leftovers will do)
60 grams butter
50 grams flour
100 ml gravy
200 ml milk
10 grams gelatine/1 leaf gelatine leaf (make it soft in some water)salt
1 onion
1 egg yolk

Lightly fry in the butter a very fine chopped onion, add flour, then gravy and milk. This will make the sauce.

Add the gelatine, egg yolk, pepper, nutmeg and salt. Then add the chopped meat. Spread the mixture on a pre-wetted plate. Let it cool (it will get thick).Use to spoons to form 10 equal croquette shapes.

Roll in breadcrumbs, then through egg white (whish egg white a bit first) and again roll in breadcrumbs.

Take it easy and don't crack the outer layer. Fry in hot oil.

P.S. If you don't want to use gelatine, then instead of 50grams of flour and butter use 75 grams of each.


Jess said...

Very Yummy looking croqutee. Wish I could have a bite of it now. Got some questions if you don’t mind. What type of gravy is used? After making the sauce, should the flame be still on when adding the gelatine, egg yolk, pepper, nutmeg, salt and chopped meat? If so, how long should I cook it for? Thanks.

Rabbit Sim said...

Hi Jess,
The original recipe said gravy but I substituted with chicken stock.
I let the heat on lowest after making the sauce and add gelatine. After I ensure the gelatine has completely dissolved, turn off heat and add the rest of ingredient.
Hope that helps, you're welcome to ask me more questions :)

jess said...

Thank you for your reply. It has been most helpful. Thanks.