Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Spicy Sardine Bun and Cheesy Red Bean Bun

Spicy Sardine Bun

Sardine is one of my favourite bread filling. I opened up a can of sardines in tomato sauce (salty in taste), clean and mashed it then add Maggi Chilli Sauce for sweetness and Thai Chilli Sauce for spiciness, then add freshly grind black pepper liberally. Heat up the mixture in a saucepan to let the flavour macerate and pour in some cornflour solution to thicken the mixture. Set aside in the fridge when cooled until needed.

Cheesy Red Bean Bun

This is an experimental flavour. I never thought they will complement each other so well, the saltiness of the cheese somehow enchanced the sweetness of the red bean. I made my own red bean paste with some whole red bean which provide a more interesting texture to the not so sweet paste.

A piece of Gouda cheese (good for baking purposes) is wrapped inside some red bean paste and rolled into balls ready to be wrapped inside the dough.

A very interesting yet tasty bread with lots of different flavours and texture intertwined. The mere sight of the melted and gooey cheese when you tear the bread open is enough to make you ooh and aah!

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