Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Brunei Eats Jan 2006 - Lee Loi Fatt Foodstall

Lee Loi Fatt (LLF) in Kiulap (a commercial area about 5 minutes drive from city centre) is famous for it's rojak originated from Kuala Belait (a district in Brunei). I never visit it on purpose as there is better rojak elsewhere........

I decided to take my friends and cousin who had come back from overseas to LLF as these are the types of food they crave while away from Brunei.

We had

LLF mixed fritters

Mixed fried fritters (B$5)- prawn, yam and beancurd

LLF rojak

Rojak (B$5) - ingredients include cuttlefish, turnip, pineapple and cucumber tossed in shrimp paste and garnished with crushed peanuts

LLF laksa

As I hadn't had lunch, I also ordered laksa with prawn (B$3).

LLF 3 sour

I always have three sour drink B$1.20 (lemon, lime and brined salted prunes), it's good for thirst-quenching and helps work up one's appetite.


Joanna said...

Ah~! It's also my favourite, Jie! I love San Suan hehe...(I think that's what it's called right?). How's life there back in UK? The HFMD case in Brunei's dropping and things are gradually returning to once they were (normal lives, boring school days and sleepy morning *yawn*). Got lots to do recently and I didn't have time to on-line (especially when I'm kicking the BruNet connection since it doesn't work. Kiat created miracle by making it work himself. I pray him le). Anyways, everything here looks yummilicious and your blog always makes my mouth waters. Go Jie jie! Good blog!

Rabbit Sim said...

Mei, you like? But you never want to go with us there...