Thursday, April 13, 2006

Brunei Eats Jan 2006 - Reunion dinner at Sheraton Utama Hotel

Reunion dinner with Big King's family took place at Tasek Brasserie, Sheraton Utama Hotel. MIL didn't want to cook....BIL had this Starwood card which allow special deal like 2 eat pay for 1. There were 6 of us (including 1 child) and ended up only paying for 4.

I had been busy the whole morning that day. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen for offerings to our ancestors all by myself. Worst of all there are only 2 hobs, @#$%*..... No pictures were taken, I was super busy and super knackered afterward to remember..........I cooked fried beehoon, steamed herbal chicken, shark's fin soup and braised sea cucumber with mushroom and baby abalone. OK enough, siao liam.

Entrance to Tasek Brasserie

Starter series
Starters - Bread, soups, salad, cold meat

Nothing outstanding here but young niece liked the shark's fin soup. Personally I think too much MSG. SIL forbid the use of MSG at home but likes to eat out VERY often. Cheh.....Personally I think a little bit won't hurt.......

Main series
Mains - normal chinese fare like crispy duck, herbal chicken, prawns, mixed vege, yam basket and steamed garoupa

I ate quite a lot of prawn tempura (they are super salty but dun know how to cook well at home) and several pieces of the yam basket, I love yam! I did not touch the yee sang, didn't look fresh.........

Desserts series

Desserts - fruits, cakes, tarts, tau-fu fa, ice cream and a tray of dried sweet pickle that is Chinese New Year essential

In my opinion, Sheraton Brunei is one of two places in Brunei where you can find good breads and cakes (the other being Empire Hotel). And the freshly brewed coffee ain't half bad. All the desserts were above average standard that night except tau-fu fa which I didn't try as they didn't look particularly appetizing, Looked like it's been left there for days. I particularly enjoyed the lemon roll, chocolate mousse (nice dark and bitter and not too sweet) and of course their own home-made ice-cream. I liked the yam flavour best! In fact I liked the desserts so much I was back a few days later for it's 'Sweet Temptations' afternoon tea!

Tasting peanut
There were peanuts strewn across the table as decoration (weird...) and Princess was eager to get her hands on one. She's never seen or tasted them before. Popped it in her mouth shell and all and she frowned and spit it out. Haha, guess she didn't like the salty shell! Salt is never part of her diet.


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