Thursday, April 20, 2006

Brunei Eats Jan 2006 - 'Sweet Temptations' at Sheraton Utama Hotel

Just as I was leaving after our reunion dinner, I spied the above being advertised at the counter for only B$7.50 per person. Wah say so cheap, must come back and try! The promotion is only available monday to friday from 2 pm to 5pm.


Left: Boxing chicken
Right: Fried noodles

Both were yummy!! I had several rounds of both!


Above left: Apple pie - crust too thick, filling was gooey.....
Above right: Cheesecake - nothing phenomenal....
Below left: Chocolate mud cake - quite nice, chocolate strong and dark......
Below right: Carrot cake - Yikes, I hate carrot cakes!!

Bread & pastry

An assorment of breads, danish pastries, scones and biscuits

I didn't try any of these, too busy muching down the above.........

We also had yummy ice-cream (not pictured), I like to dress it with lots of custard and strawberry coulis, yum!

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