Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Brunei Eats Jan 2006 - Reunion Dinner at Emperor's Court

I had reunion dinner with my family a day earlier at Emperor's Court, Hua Ho Mall at Jalan Muara. It was allegedly the best halal Chinese restaurant in town but I beg to differ...

Cheese baked lobster

Baked lobster in cheese sauce

Mixed platter

Assorted hot and cold platter

Gui Hua fish

Steamed Gui Hua (directly translated as jasmine) fish

Lamb Chop in Mandarin Sauce

Tender lamb chop in mandarin sauce

Sea Cucumber Braised Duck

Braised duck with sea cucumber

Lor Hon Chai in Yam Basket

Assorted vegetables in yam basket

Double Mushroom broccoli

Double mushroom with broccoli

Honey dew sago
Honeydew sago for pudding

I liked the fish, lam chop and sago pud the best :p

Princess in Emperor's Court

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