Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[Singapore 2008] Breakfasts at Ghim Moh Food Centre

The food was devoured in 2 consecutive visits.

Ghim Moh Nasi Lemak
Nasi lemak I wish there was more peanuts

Ghim Moh Fried Kway Teow
Fried kway teow I only counted 5 tiny hum :-(. Sticky and wet, I don't like. I don't think it's worth queuing for at least 30 minutes for this miserable plate.

Yam kueh n cheong fun
Steamed cheong fun and yam kueh the yam kueh was floury and dry

Chwee Kueh@Ghim Moh FC
Chwee kueh people bought this by the dozen. I don't like, never like and will never like.

Chicken Bao n egg tart
Chicken bao and egg tart I like the light and fluffy tart.

Wonton noodles@Ghim Moh FC
Wonton noodles this was simply horrible. Little did I know, I have yet to encounter the ultimate horror kolo mee later......

Ah Baling in peanut soup
Ah baling in peanut soup Chose yam, peanut and black sesame fillings. All yummy. Peanuts cooked till very soft while retaining some bite, I like. My favourite food of the lot we tried.

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