Tuesday, October 14, 2008

[Singapore 2008] Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Kitchen

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Kitchen
391 Orchard Road
#05-12 Ngee Ann City

Sweet n sour fish
Sweet and sour soon hock fish with pine nut

Spinach beancurd
Spinach beancurd with assorted mushrooms

Xiao long
Default xiao long

Spicy sauce dumplings
My favourite wonton (meat and veg dumplings) in chilli oil

Crispy eel fried noodles
Some carb to fill up the tummy, crispy eel fried noodles. A tad too oily.

Dan dan noodles
Super ma (numb) and la (spicy) dan dan noodles. It gave me sore throat later that night after dinner. Orz.....Stay away, stay away next time.

Glutinous rice ball
Must have desserts no matter how full. Deep fried glutinous rice ball with runny scorching sesame paste. Yum!

deep fried souffle balls
My favourite deep fried souffle ball with red bean filling. Missing the key mashed banana inside :(

Til next time. Ta-da.

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