Friday, October 10, 2008

[Singapore 2008] I-Scream Haato

I love love Haato, equally on par with my love for Italian Gelato.

I must must have my ice-cream fix at Haato no matter how full I was from Tampopo.

Haato ice-cream
My favourite is green tea with adzuki bean. Haato's green tea ice-cream is quite strong with a hint of bitterness which is partially offset by the sweetened adzuki bean. Heaven.

Spied and tried sweet potato and chestnut. Hmmm, interesting combination. The flavours are subtle however you can taste them quite distinctively. Haato has got the ratio/proportion right as any stronger in any one flavour will quickly mask the other flavour. If you can't taste the flavours, I suggest you clean your tongue as religiously as you do your teeth XD.

Bro had green tea and milk tea (right in pic above). He's totally a tea and coffee freak.

Sis had honeydew and some sorbet (left in pic above), the flavour had elude me now, ooops. The honeydew smelt of durian, damn, I had been forward to tasting it. The sorbet was er....refreshing.
Go on, its totally worth the calories!

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