Thursday, October 23, 2008

[Singapore 2008] Haagen Dazs @Vivocity

I cannot walk past Haagen Dazs without diving for the glass cabinets FULL of ice-cream. So engrossed was I while perusing the flavours available, my nose inadvertantly got pressed against the glass. There is this look of bemused/horror whenever I look up and caught the servers eyes.

Haagen Daz Vivocity

Belgian Waffle@Haagen Daz
Ice-cream on Belgian waffle

I cannot remember the flavour of the ice-cream. It was a seasonal limited edition. Some kind of cookies and cream with fudge. The waffle was too sweet with unmelted sugar crystals *shudder*. Oi, Princess did, not me. I much prefer Gelare type of waffle.

Only one feeling eating this, SWEET. No other feelings. Do not try this if you have sensitive teeth. You'll be calling out for your mama hehehe.

Melon@Haagen Daz
I must have this if I visit Haagen Dazs. Melon ice-cream in waffle cone. YUM!!! Pieces of melons in creamy perfumed ice-cream. Oh, let me die in a pool of this stuff.

I wish we have Haagen Dazs in Oz :-(

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