Tuesday, October 07, 2008

[Singpore 2008] Tampopo @Liang Court

Oh, finally I am starting on my Singapore whirwind trip :P.

One of my favourite restaurants in Singapore. We rushed here as soon as we checked into our hotel.

Tampopo @ Liang Court

Kyushu Ramen
Kyushu ramen

My absolute favourite. I urged sis to try and she gave it her big thumbs up. The dollop of mentaiko made the soup all the more moreish, mmmm, yummmm.

Unagi Kamameshi
Unagi kamameshi

Mum loves unagi (eel) so I ordered this for her to try. The sauce a bit strong. Average tasting unagi.

Spicy negitoro maki
Spicy negitoro maki

The sichimi a bit much for me, can't taste anything else, orz.....

The novelty of this dish is that it arrived via the conveyor belt. I sakai........very cool.......

Cheese katsu
Cheese katsu

Another sis who is a cannibal (well both are hahaha) saw this and her eyes shone XD. The combination of meat and cheese very appealing to her.

Curry katsu
Curry katsu

Bro is in loveeeee with japanese curry. He liked it but I found it so so. Cannot hold a candle to Hanaichi, bleh.

Tampopo menu screen
Touch screen menu/bill monitor.

Wow, very high tech, I am one suaku, hehehe.

Big King had the spicy kurobuta tonkatsu ramen which I forgot to snap. Very spicy, I stay far far away from.

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