Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dreamy Donut

Krispy Kreme is coming to Brisbane! Yay!

But we are not missing good donuts here in Queensland.

I am one die-hard fan of KK's original glazed but overall I give my vote to Dreamy Donut.

Why? Cos they use Lindt chocolate for all its chocolate topped donuts! Yummo!

Dreamu Donut
Half dozen carry box

Assorted half dozen
Assorted half dozen A$13.XX

You get 2 glazed, 2 topped and 2 filled.

My favourite is raspberry filled donut topped with white chocolate, Princess' fav is white chocolate topped donut and Big King is boring, he always go for the original glazed.

I got mine from Westfield Garden City just outside David Jones on lower ground floor.


Anonymous said...

Wa jie... TAPAO!! haha. I emailed you!!! Reply me asap.

Anonymous said...

Those donuts are frozen and stale looking, just like when they came from the dodgy factory in Brendale they were made. A rat would not eat at the Brendale factory where the donuts are cooked in un hygenic conditions, then frozen and sent to the shop where its cooked again. My mum worked at DD so I know all the gross stuff about them