Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lescure Butter

Lescure Butter
Lescure butter and bread from Gold Coast bakery (not Polish bakery)

Can't find Buerre Echire anywhere here in Brissie. Lescure is easily seen in most delis, got the salted version. It's good.

I have finally found bread which I like best from a Polish bakery from Jan Powerhouse Market. I like the sourdough rye, very springy and stay soft up to 3 days (well, a big loaf lasted 3 days in my household XD) and no sour taste ! Hurrah!

You should taste the sourdough from other said 'famous' bakeries, they are well, sour and become HARD the very next day......*scratch head*......weird. The said bakery has a shopfront in Gold Coast. Too far for me to travel....

I like eating my food in simple crockeries, the plainer the better. Right now I like pure white from Corelle and Villeroy & Boch cutleries. Used Maxwell & Williams before, it was not OK with me.

The Corelle crockeries are non-scratchable, non-breakable and chip resistant. Perfect for clumsy people like me and Princess. Best of all, it won't retain smell or stain. You know how carrot stain....nightmare to remove....and how dried shiitake smell.........

I had these beautiful white mugs from Cashmere by Maxwell & Williams, they cracked underneath the handle within TWO weeks, darn, they were not cheap......(have been utmost careful with them *scratch head*). Got meself two chocolate drops New Wave mug from DFO at 50% off, bargain.

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