Thursday, April 03, 2008

Top Noodle Japanese Style Noodle Bar

Visited Market Sq Branch again.

Udon Kakiage@Top Noodle
Udon Kakiage

Udon noodle soup with prawn and vegetable tempura.

I love kakiage and recently found frozen version at Go Go Mart in Gold Coast (6 for A$6.50). Go Go Mart like Top Noodle is part of Sushi Train Group. It's opposite Harbour Town along Gold Coast Hwy.

Tonkatsu don@Top Noodle
Katsu don (available in chicken or pork)

Katsudon is so so only, the skin separated from the meat, orz....

Went to check out Zac Posen for Target range today.

Erm...Honestly do not know what to make of it......

The designs are not really 'everyday wearable'.

The only ladies snapping them off the racks were heavily made-up with bright red lipsticks, super tanned skin and bee hive hair.

Oh, not to mention the super bling jewellery adorned. There were clones like this dotted around the displays, I swear.

The designs are a bit 'auntie' to me if I must say......Not my style, though I am an 'auntie' hohoho.

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