Thursday, April 24, 2008

[Gold Coast] Raj Palace

Raj Palace (Indian Food)
Marina Mirage

Gold Coast

We have been wanting to try Indian food here. Upon recommendation from Big King's colleague, we thought we'd stop by here for lunch before heading for Sea World which is just down the road within spitting distance.

Raj Palace@Marina Mirage
At 11.40am, the restaurant had just opened and there was just one table occupied in the al-fresco dining area.

We opt to sit inside beside the window, no brainer, it was windy outside.

Raj Palace interior
Eeeee, plastic plants crawling all over and around the place. Tacky. Furnitures dated, old, looks a bit ....dirty. But the glasses and utensils and crockeries were sparkling clean, good.

Raj Palace set lunch
Set lunch A$19.90 (lamb curry)

Raj Palace mixed grill
Mixed grill A$24.90 (chicken curry)

The chicken tandoori was flavoursome and juicy. Princess loved the yogurt marinated grilled chicken. Lamb tikka was dry and over-season, all you could taste was the spice not the lamb >_<. Fisk tikka was extremely dry and chewy, oi, fell asleep, did ya chef? Oh well, at least it was not burnt.

Biggest surprise was the chickpea curry, very good, creamy and spicy. Even Princess said nice but spit out cos too spicy for her.

Chicken and lamb curry lacked ommph and somewhat also lacking in taste.

Naan bread is soft and fluffy, none of the hard and super chewy supermarket variety. Nicely charred too.

Mango & strawberry kulfi
Mango and strawberry kulfi

The kulfi (ice-cream) was included in the set. There should be coffee and tea too but they didn't serve it to us. We didn't know and didn't think to ask, *tsk*.

All in all, a pleasant experience. Thanks to Big King's colleague for the good recommendation.

Broadbeach waters
Main beach at Marina Mirage.

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