Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Princess turned three

Chloe's 3rd b'day 2008
I made a cookies and cream cheesecake but....Princess still prefers coffee cheesecake.

We got her a teddy bear called Grace from David Jones and a toy piano she's been eyeing for so long.

Went to Rosalie last saturday to look see the olive tasting session. The website should have stated at the bottom of the olive oil tasting notice :- 'Don't buy after tasting at your own peril'. As unpleasant looks were thrown my way as I approached the last stall without any bottle in my hand.

I was going to get the GWYDIR, I love the peppery notes. I thought I would make my choice after doing a round. But after some unpleasantries and people behind the table avoiding my glances. I lost interest altogether.

Went across the road to Gelateria Cremona but they were not open until 1pm! So went off to Trang for some lunch and return at around 1310, the owners were just setting up shop.

I stood before the counter undecided for quite some time as the flavours offered were uninteresting and generic. Went for pomegranate and strawberry sorbet in the end. They were very good, it's like tasting real fruit. They also came quite expensive at A$5.20 for just 2 tiny scoops.

Not in a hurry to return to the area.

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