Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[Brisbane] Cafe Modena

Cafe Modena
293 Adelaide St
Brisbane QLD 4000

Website: www.cafemodena.com.au

Cafe Modena on Adelaide St
One of the many quaint little cafes dotted around Brisbane's CBD. In fact, immediately next door is a modern industrial looking steel-minimalist decor cafe.

Cafe Modena
They use a special Dibella blend which I think specially concocted for them, called, yeah surprise, Modena.

Personally I am not really a fan of Dibella coffee. I much prefer Merlo.

But the genius bald barista at Modena is made famous in many coffee forums. So I die die must check out!

When I arrive, a lady is working the coffee machine. No sign of said bald barista. Utterly disappointed. Still, already here might as well give it a try.

Capuccino@Cafe Modena

The milk is smooth and creamy. Nice crema colour on the milk giving the cappuccino a nice brown edge. Very well executed.

The coffee itself is good but not amazing.

I am no coffee connoissuer, I just know my like and dislike when I taste one.

Muffin@Cafe Modena
Princess enjoying muffins.

Cafe Modena has this promo, a coffee and 3 mini home made muffins/a danish for A$5.50.

The muffins are average, just like those I bake at home.

Nice comfy place for a quick break.

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