Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[Brisbane] Gelato @ Bella Donna

Gelateria Bella Donna
Shop 13 Central Brunswick
335-421 Brunswick St
Fortitude Valley

Bella Donna@Valley

Coffee n biscuit flavour gelato@BellaD
Piazza (some kind of coffee flavour) and some Italian biccies flavour

Can't remember what they taste like orz.........

I am more interested in the Grill'd burger joint next door.............Must try next time.

While waiting for Big King to finish running errands in the City, I brought Princess to James St Market to look see.

She nagged and pulled me towards Quench (juice and gelato bar) while I was browsing in Spoon Deli and seriously checking out Lick's dark chocolate couverture ice-cream.

Chloe@James St Mkt
She insisted on feeding herself.

And I had a hard time wiping after her.

White choc nutella n peanut butter@Quench
White choc nutella and peanut butter choco chip

We prefer the white choc nutella. The choco chip tasted funny like emulsified oil, eeeeeeeeee........

(Fiction, I am Miss story-writing wannabe)

M never object to children having ice-cream.

Once upon a time, D had this cough for a long time.

Her mum asked the brother why she kept coughing and never get better. Aiya, deity meh, everything also know?

During the day, D must have her daily ice-cream dose after lunch.

At night, she was given cold watermelon for fruit.

M kepoh and told D she should stop eating cold watermelon and have the apple instead.

Dang dang dang dang, D's grandfather straighaway gave M a stern look and said in a raised voice, 'D will (emphasise) have whatever she want, never you mind.'

D's mother came and said nevermindlah kid mah, they want, give lor. And told D next day she cannot have ice-cream and reminded the parents not to give.

M was only concern mah, cheh.

Next day, after lunch, D asked for ice-cream again. M kepoh kepoh again and asked if she remembered what her mum said the previous night. (Will M ever stop meddling into other people's business tsk tsk tsk)
D sulked (and put up a pretended-to-cry face) and went to tell the grandfather.

So young and old, barged back in the kitchen, retrieved the ice-cream and bang the fridge door.

The old said, 'I say D can (high pitch) have her ice-cream. One ice-cream will not do any harm.'

Later that night, D's mum asked if she had taken ice-cream during the day.
Young and old, silence, didn't dare to tell.

M diam diam (no more kepoh kepoh-ing).

Both young and old finally lied and said no.

Yeah, whatever........
(Not related to above story)

You think I had only one opposition force to deal with?

Acceptance is a virtue?

Patience is a virtue?

Silence is a virtue?

Suffering in silence is a greater virtue?

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faz said...

Grilld is quite good - not too greasy... I Perosnally still like Burger Urge Better though