Thursday, June 05, 2008

[Brisbane] Half Time Tea Bar

Don't have the exact address. It's newly opened last month just next to the Yuen's Supermarket in Market Square, Sunnybank.

It used to be a hole in a wall place beside Wellcome Supermarket at nearby Sunnybank Plaza. The exact same spot is replaced by yet another breakfast/lunch joint.

It has been my no.1 favourite breakfast haunt since I first discovered it. Not that I don't love my eggs and sausages.......

Half Time Tea Bar
The Chinese name is quite amusing, totally off-radar from it's adopted English name.

Literally translated the place should be called 'round fate garden' which means round-up of fate garden?? Please correct if I am wrong. My Chinese 'level' sucks.

And all three words has the same pronunciation; yuan yuan yuan. If you go often you'll come out yuan (round) also, cos the food is good. One could have food overload without realising, ahahaha.

HTTB brekkies
My favourite three items are (top to bottom) pan-fried vegetarian bun, egg pancake and glutinous rice patty.

The glutinous rice patty is filled with chinese crullers (you tiao), pickled vegetables (sweet chai poh and cha chai) and pork floss (braised egg missing *sob*). Yum, yum, yum!

Thre are lots more breakfast items like scallions pancake, porridge, fried noodles and some Taiwanese street food. Oh, the place is self-service.

Cheap and delicious. High C/P.


faz said...

oh this looks very promising!! It's hard to find some good asian breakfast. Next time i'm down in sunnybank i am going to try!

Lara said...

I had breakfast here yesterday - it was so yummy and so cheap! The vegetable buns were my favourite.