Wednesday, June 04, 2008

[Brisbane] Yum Cha @ Shangri-La

Level Ground, Shop 1
309 Mains Rd
Qld 4109

Shangri-La Yum Cha

This restaurant is 'hidden' inside an office block. We will never venture inside if not highly recommended.

Yum cha on weekend is always busy but I am surprised to see how cramp the place is. Tables are in such close proximity to each other that I felt like I might as well be sitting in the next table. And listen involuntarily into their converstaions, orz........

Nothing really stands out but the egg tarts here are especially good. The custard silky smooth and slid down the throat with no effort. However, I have never taken a liking to puff pastry egg tarts, the base always seeps in oil. Urrrrgh...

Yes, you guessed. I haven't got round to write about my favourite yum-cha place yet. I haven't taken any photos, the food were too good to remember whipping out my camera.

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Melissa said...

Rabbit, please tell us your favourite yum cha place - we are from melbourne and now in brisbane and have not found any good ones yet!

ps in melbourne you must try the Tea House on Chapel Street or Shark Fin House in the City for more traditional fare