Thursday, June 19, 2008

[Family] Happy Birthday to BB!

Today is one of my beloved sisters' birthday.

Though we look 90% alike, she is also 90% prettier than me!

Many many happy returns!


Princess is only interested in the contents of the bag, hehe, ai sui the chabo.


蕭敬騰 <同名專輯> rocks!

He has the golden touch of making every song uniquely good (other people's song and his own) and I doubt anyone is able to surpass his version.

The 'friendly rival' can balik kampung liao.

The 'rival's' super bling with super weird designer costumes concert, orz, no eye see.........

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bibi said...

Thank you so much jie. I'm not prettier. It's the magic of make- up. Haha.