Thursday, September 18, 2008

[Brisbane] Kam Lun Thai Mooncake

I know the mid-autumn festival is way over. But like I said our internet connection last 2 weeks or so was so slow I was constantly banging me head on me wee poor keyboard. Faster way to get a macbook, ooops.....

Kam Lun Thai
Combo 2 (low sugar) AUD26

Inside the box: white lotus 2 yolks o.O, golden jade (spirulina flavour) 2 yolks -_- (very yucky, in my opinion), black sesame lotus 1 yolk (tis fine), durian 1 yolk. For christ's sake will they stop the yolks already!!??

The whole box is laden with cholesterol. Eat at your own risk.

Kam Lun Thai mooncake
Black sesame lotus 1 yolk

I hate white lotus. Its like eating lotus flavour gummy glue, eeewwww. The salted yolk was so dry it got me choked.

Love the more traditional darker (original) lotus paste and tau sar (red bean paste).

I wished I had bought mei sum or wing wah. But they are AUD$40 a pop o.O. Aiya, not that desperate lah.

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