Thursday, September 25, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Spaghettini at The Empire Hotel and Country Club

Visited 30/7/2008 for dinner.

Taken the following morning after breakfast.


We were served warm focaccia bread while still reading the menu. Princess loved it so much and ate 2 pieces! @_@

We decided to go for the set menu priced at BND28 and BND35. Very good value for money.

The BND28 set menu consisted of antipasti, pizza/pasta and dessert.

The BND35 set menu consisted of antipasti, main course and dessert.

Antipasti rotating trolley
Rotating antipasti trolley.

Antipasti selection
I went for mozzarella cheese, clams, grilled eggplant, smoked salmon, sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, anchovies, roasted tomato and parmesan crisp.

Milanese chicken with spaghetti
Main course: Chicken Milanese?

Can't remember the exact name of this dish. Well, it was pan fried chicken coated in egg served with spaghetti and tomato sauce.

Chicken was tender but I find the whole dish a bit bland.

Shredded duck and porcini risotto
Shredded duck and porcini risotto

The risotto was too dry to my liking but the rice grains were cooked al-dente. Very nice though a bit heavy-handed with the salt. I ate this then tasted the Milanese? chicken. It could be the reason why I found the chicken dish bland.

Chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse

Whipped gelatined cream at room temperature is not the nicest thing to eat. Its been left too long on the bench while waiting for us to finish our mains.


This fared better. The cannoli was stuffed with ice-cream. I am not a fan of cannoli and only had a teeny weeny taste. Er....Princess seemed to like it.

Lights festival
After dinner, we drove to nearby Jerudong Park to see the lights festival. Total waste of money. Blah.


Buffet breakfast was blah. It used to be very good.

Oh, the hotel uses Asprey crockeries and cutleries (silver plated). Somehow made the food so much tastier.

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