Monday, September 08, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Fast food at The Mall, Gadong

Like I said before, I normally shun fastfood but will make exception for KFC and Big King's favourite Dixy.

Bbq chicken @Dixy's
Dixy's half grilled chicken (hot) B$8.XX

The chips are nicer than your usual fast food joint. Grilled chicken was er, hot?. No particular thought on this one except the chicken is a bit dry. The corn cob that came with the meal, well, never came. The joint was empty except for our table. Bad.

Spicy fried chicken@KFC
Two piece meal (spicy) with colonel rice

My favourite, fried chicken. Well, you can't find the spicy version in da west or even down here in Oz *weeps*

The chicken pieces are coated in spicy batter and came out crunchy and moist *crying loudly legs kicking into the air* Cannot find here!

Guess, hot wings/wicked wings will have to do in the mean time.

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RizelChama said...

Dixy is good okay oAo

Dunno wai bruneians no suka >_>

My all time favourite